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Seduction of an Infidel: The Ultimate Jihad Pamela Carter

Seduction of an Infidel: The Ultimate Jihad

Pamela Carter

Kindle Edition
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 About the Book 

Overview .This is the true story of an older American woman’s tumultuously explosive and wildly passionate love affair with a much younger Iraqi interpreter. Shortly after arriving in the United States he seduced Pamela, weaving an intricate web of deception, betrayal, and adultery. Blind-sighted by this young man’s unbelievably charismatic and magnetically convincing persona and his highly-charged sexuality, she fell crazy in love with him.This tender, loving relationship unravels when she discovered he was actually still married. Because she dared to defy him, a Shi’a Muslim, the relationship culminates in a shocking twist of events.Although this ‘devout’ Muslim man served the Coalition Forces for more than four years, he desecrated his marriage vows, disgraced his faith, and forever impacted Pamela’s life.Pamela exposes her vulnerability with unexpected candor and unabashed honesty. She holds nothing back when expressing the love she felt for Rashid and how his betrayal affected her both physically and emotionally. She felt compelled to warn women of the challenges they face when becoming romantically involved with a man of Islamic culture. To many Muslim men, having sex with a non-Muslim woman is the biggest affront to western society---the ultimate jihad.For her protection,she uses the pen name Pamela Carter. .